Hello Jeep Friends,

I have discovered I have a new problem to tackle. I recently got my fuel pump overhauled and now have my 4-134-F engine quite nicely. Since I had two flat tires anyway I decided to put the CJ up on jack stands and take off all wheels. I thought it would give me an opportunity shift through the gears. I immediately found that although I can move the shift lever freely left and right in neutral, I can't even budge it in a forward / aft direction to try to get into reverse or first gear. I can't make it go into second or third either. I took the trans mission cover off the floor board to get access to the inspection port. I took that cover off also and watched when I pressed the clutch pedal. I think it worked correctly because when I put pressure on the pedal i noticed that the clutch plate would stop rotating. I was never able to get it to shift. Someone told me to spray plenty of penetrating oil down the shift lever area. I did that but I have plenty of oil.

I am assuming this is a T90 but I am unfamiliar with these transmissions. I have a tendency to want to remove the four bolts on the top of the tranny and just pull the shift mechanism out and figure out what's going on. I would like to find good disassemble / assemble instructions so that I will know how to proceed. I haven't gone through all the tech data on the blog yet. I will continue with digging through.

Any suggestions / tips / tricks will be much appreciated.

Thanks for your patience with me long wordy posts.