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Thread: CJ-3B Transmission Problem - Shift lever not shifting the gears

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    I am thinking he will need to soak the cover completely for a few days gm. I was thinking a 5 gallon pail full of WD 40 Specialist or something similar.

    You could rinse the box out with kerosene or mineral spirits. I like to use a cheap thin 10W motor oil for a good wash. If it is really dirty a rinse with mineral spirits wont hurt. Followed by some thin 10 W oil, then the right stuff. I wouldn't put anything else in there. If water comes out of the drain plug, just pull the trans/transfer case out and go through them. Water damage on the counter shaft of the transfer case and the reverse idler shaft and counter shaft of the trans, is very, very common. The water lays down in the bottom. Rust forms but worse, the water provides zero film under the bearings. Water will immediately damage the components under load when it is present. Where dirty oil will cause frosting of the components, water will cause actual metal displacement. Water will ruin it, not just wear it out faster like wrong or dirty oil.

    As far as the rusty box... soak it for a week and pray.
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