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Thread: 1953 cj3b

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    1953 cj3b

    Hi! I'm George and after many years I have finally stripped down my 1953 CJ3B and am rebuilding it. I was wondering if anyone out there knows of a used tub that is for sale. Thanks!

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    Welcome George!

    Keep an eye out on, every once in a while you'll run across one that is in descent shape. Please post pictures. We love to see work in progress!

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    BMorgil is our Poster Boy for CJ 3A, but we need a CJ 3B to use as a good example. Keep us in the loop on how things progress.

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    Hello George, Welcome aboard! It could be difficult to come up with a good used tub. They are almost all very rusty. However we have seen gmwillys and others on this forum stitch and graft back together some really rusted stuff. I took a look at mine and went with an MD Juan tub from KW. For the most part the work it takes out of the repair is very nice. It needed a little fitting but in the long run, well worth it over the entire floorboard replacement I was facing. The older tub kits have many issues. The most important being the gauge of metal. If you stick with the new stuff from MD Juan, it is pretty good. I know that gmwillys uses a lot of the repair panels from KW which are made in the USA. If yours or the one you find isn't to bad, the repair panels are a big help.

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