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Thread: Anyone Used These Wheels?

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    Anyone Used These Wheels?

    I would like some advice on these wheels for a 49 jeepster, any issues? Pros - Cons?

    Or what wheels are you using on your Jeepster?

    U.S. Wheel Paint Ready Smoothie Wheel (Series 51) Size: 15" x 6"

    Paint Ready Smoothie Wheel (Series 51)
    Size: 15" x 6"
    Bolt Circle: 5 on 4.50"/4.75"
    Back Spacing: 3.75"
    Offset: 6mm
    Center Bore: 3.19"
    Load Rating: 1500 lbs

    This is for a driver, just to have fun and enjoy the Jeepster. Will be running 225 Michelins

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the help.

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    Your link to Jegs didn't work. I've been doing old vehicles for decades and I always prefer the factory looking steel wheels. In your case steel to be painted. Can't go wrong with that choice. I never do aftermarket chrome/spokes/wires or slots, never. Of course the exception is if they came from the factory on the car, then that is different.
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    Link seems to be broken or product don't exist. I have never tried to purchase auto parts and accessories from the said website before.

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    Try this link. I like your choice. They are very appropriate for your Jeepster, and will look very clean when painted up and installed. Jegs and Summit Racing are two very good sources for odds and ends. Both have a good reputation of selling high quality merch, and the customer service is pretty good as well. Aftermarket wheels are all in preference. I personally like the looks of an American Racing Ansen Sprint wheel on Jeep 4X4s, and would like to put a set on my 2A, but also retain the steel wheels in the archives for prosperity.

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