Greetings to all,

I have a late, key started CJ3A, delivered in Holland in february 1953. It never had a floor (pedal) start. I bought it a few years back with a casting number 641087 series 1 engine block. It cracked. I now have casting number 641087 engine block series 4 with a re-inforced rear flange similar to the engine block with the casting number 804380.
The bell housing is the early CJ2A/WW II bell wit bushing. The starter is an Auto-Lite MZ 4113 (MB/early CJ 2A) and the generator is an Auto-lite GW 4801-D (early CJ 3B). The re-inforced flange of the engine partially covers the timing mark hole of the early adapter plate. I have a flywheel with a 97 tooth gear.

I want to complete the full restoration of my late, key started CJ 3A as originally as possible. That is very difficult in Holland. Everybody knows about a MB but there is very little knowledge about a CJ Jeep and very few CJ-parts are available.

For the restoration I need information about the following (correct) four parts that must stay together:
1. Bell Housing, 2. Adapter Plate , 3. Starter, 4. Flywheel.

Question: what parts did Willys-Overland use in late 1952/early 1953 for the late and key started version of the CJ 3A? The same parts as used for the (early or) late M38 or early CJ 3B?

Bell Housing: The MB/early CJ 2A Bell housing is too small for a nose-starter. Is a early (or late) military M38 Bell Housing (also used on the CJ 3B) the correct part or another Bell Housing specially made for the late and key started version of the CJ 3A?

Adapter plate: Is a military M38 the correct adapter plate or did Willys-Overland made a special version of the plate for the late, key started CJ 3A?

Starter: I understand that the late and key started CJ 3A had a nose-charter, Auto-Lite MCH 6203, 6 volt (Also a 6 volt Prestolite 46-15 MCH 6207??). Question: Both, the Auto-Lite MCH 6203 and the Prestolite MCH 6207 needs a solenoid. Was it originally mounted on top of the starter as I see on some photos on the Web?

Flywheel: In combination with a MCH 6203 nose-starter I need a 129 in stead of a 124 or 97 tooth Gear. Question: where are all types of the flywheel suitable for a MCH 6203 or a Prestolite 6207 starter or just the 129 tooth gear?

Was in combination with the MCH 6203 starter an Auto-Lite GW 4801 generator, as I now have, originally used for a key started CJ 3A?

The early 3A version of the starter is the Auto-Lite MZ4137 (foot pedal). I found on the Web an Auto-lite MZ4173T 9K 6 volt starter with a solenoid mounted on top of it (NOS). Is that also a correct starter for a CJ (early or late 2A or 3A)?

If possible, can you attache some pictures?

I thank you very much for your answers.