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Thread: M38 leaking Oil .. Help!

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    M38 leaking Oil .. Help!

    My M38 leaking oil .. see the attached picture .. what Can I do..
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    That spot just loves to collect oil and drip. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, your vehicle looks clean underneath. Enough so that it looks like the "oil" is collecting from somewhere inside the bell housing and not blowing back there from other locations. There are at least three notorious locations for a leak inside the bell. The most common would be the rear main seal and/or main cap to block/pan seal. A difficult place to seal. The next spot that likes to leak is the front countershaft of the transmission where it is pressed into the case. Finally the front input shaft of the transmission is not actually sealed. It is originally a piece of felt with a "pitch on the shaft to direct the oil back to the case. Eventually that design allows a few drips. There are updated front bearing caps that have a seal in them. Give it the smell test. Gear oil has a different smell than engine oil. The engine oil will have a smell of combustion or exhaust in it. Gear lube will just stink. If someone put hypoid gear oil in the transmission it will stink even more! So if there is no smell of combustion in the "oil" then there is a good possibility it is from the transmission. If you smell exhaust in it you know its motor oil.

    How much is it leaking? A few drips... put a drip pan under it. A big puddle after you drive it, I would look into fixing the leak. These old things definitely drip here and there from time to time no matter how hard you try. I am sure anyone who has restored or owned one will tell you there are a lot of places these babies can leak from. I think LarrBeard will tell you the first thing you see at the shows are the show staff handing out drip pans.
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    Thanks for Replying bmorgil, after taking it for a ride then I see a big puddle... I have the service done with the rear main seal (Replace rear main seal, oil pan gasket + rear main anpa seal) .. maniacs could not fix the leak .. ...he is not sure where it's coming from
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    Check to see if it is gear lube or engine oil. My front seal on our 2A leaks when driven. I had serviced it when I was doing brakes and getting it road ready, and added the correct amount of lube, then it started to leak. The manual calls for three quarts, but will leak after two and a half quarts. Rear main seals are notorious for being a leaking point, but usually after sitting in storage then being run, or after a new one is installed. If the felt isn't soaked in oil before installation, the dry felt will leak.

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