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Thread: Well I think I know what I have

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    Well I think I know what I have

    WJ forum, after receiving your catalog I did some searching on my jeep I found. By the looks and measurements , I do not have a 1964 CJ 5.
    I believe I have a M38A1 1964. does anyone hear have one of these or do I find a different forum?
    I really like it here, Please advise.

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    Pelago has an early production A1, and you can read all about it in "the darn thing is out" in the restoration section of this forum. I have body experience with the A1 as well, so fire up your questions, and we'll help you through it.

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    Beef, I would say you are going to need a few forum's. There is a ton of information out there. I belong to a few. If you join another forum, feel free to share links back and forth. This is about information. We are glad to have you and watch your progress. Keep us posted in your travels! This forum does not have a "You can only join us" policy!

    I have found this to be a very friendly forum where you can get good direction on a lot of things. There are members with all kinds of Willys vehicles, and more. The specialized forums like and are packed with specific information. I think you will find you need em all!

    Stay with us and join some more. Keep the pictures coming!

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