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Thread: New member here with a new to me Willys Jeep

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    Question New member here with a new to me Willys Jeep

    A few weeks ago, I bought an unknown curiosity. According to the title supplied, it is a 1961 Willys Jeep. According to information on the plate, it is apparently a 1960 CJ5, made by Willy's Motors, Inc. Looking at it visually, it is an oddity! I uploaded 5 images of it. Any ideas on what was added to enclose the Jeep like this? It kinda looks like the cab of an old pickup truck with the original rear window cut out and replaced with the sliding rear window from a small pickup truck. A portion of the smaller original opening is visible under the center of the top edge of the rubber gasket.

    It has the Hurricane F134 engine with what matches photos of a Solex single barrel carb. We drained 2 gallons of water and 4 gallons of bad gasoline from the fuel tank and lines, removed the tank, scrubbed it out, reinstalled it, and filled it with new gasoline. Replaced the fuel lines and filters, then turned attention to the carb. The float bowl had obviously been filled with water previously, as it was corroded and the float stuck down. I worked it loose, and my friend used a brass bristled brush on it while I cleaned out the float valve, drain plugs, and passageways that I could find. When finished, it would fill up the float chamber with fuel and turn off the fuel flow as designed. It had been converted to 12V, so bought a new battery. I had to clean out the accel pump openings and passageways in order to restore operation to the accel pump. A full replacement of all ignition components allowed it to fire off. It still suffers from idle circuit and high speed circuit flow issues, most likely corrosion in uninspected orifices. Time for a full rebuild on the carb. I bought a rebuild kit, but the jeep is at my friends shop, hundreds of miles away from TN. I talked to the seller (a car collector) to find out what else he has, and ended up closing another deal on a 1952 M38A1 that had been partsed out. My friend told me that it had been delivered, but I have no photos of it yet. He has another half dozen military vehicles growing rust, as well as several dozens of vehicles from the 20s on up to and beyond the musclecar era.

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