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Thread: Greetings to All !!!!

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    Greetings to All !!!!

    New member with just acquired a 59 CJ5 ... and all the rust appears to be original. It starts right up and drives without weird noise. Anyone hail from around Central Kentucky? May want someone who can point me in the right direction in KY as I will certainly need. Again, greetings to all. Looking forward to reading your good stuff. Will post some photos when I get that part figured out. T

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    Welcome Tstan,

    Sounds like a good CJ5, rust and all! We look forward to seeing your Jeep. Below is a link that Bmorgil has put together to aid in the photo posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tstan View Post
    ... and all the rust appears to be original. T
    Haha! I love that. Its always a plus when they are running and not making any more weird noses than usual.

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