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    +.085 pistons!

    G'day all!
    I've bought a '42 MB with an engine that'd been removed. I found two broken valve springs and one bent int. valve, and #4 pistons that's in rough shape, the bore is ok though, somehow. The engine is +.080 over-bored, according to a rebuilders plate riveted to the valve cover. All four pistons measure 3.21+/-, so it's +.082-5.
    I've found +.080 pistons and rings, but I'll have .008 piston-bore. Too much.
    My question for any experts here: Is there pistons of a larger dia. that were used in a different engine with same crown to pin off-set?
    Any suggestions are welcome.
    I have a friend who is an experienced engine rebuilder, used to have his own shop/business. I also worked in an engine rebuild shop 22 years ago, so I know some things. My block is at his shop. He's asked me to ask the experts, hopefully there are some here.

    Thank you in advance.
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