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Thread: New to forum and Military vehicle restoration

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    Starting to love your truck... thanks for the reminder on the tires, a great point. Conjured a great memory of a sunny day from my youth when an oldster told me that's one way to know if it's a two wheel drive model without getting underneath to see the front pumpkin

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    The front hubs are a lot smaller on the 2WD trucks.

    The last 2WD trucks were built in 1951, designated with "473HT" in the model number - maybe for for "half-ton" although the same chassis was rated for one-ton payload the year before. Some 1951's may have been rebranded as 1952 trucks because WO would do a change on the documents to let dealers sell a truck left over from a previous model year as a current year truck.

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    Trying hard to keep the right out of a field environment look.
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