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Thread: Greetings from Fort Benning

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    Greetings from Fort Benning

    Greetings from Fort Benning & the National Infantry Association, headquartered at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center.

    About 6 months ago the National Infantry Association was gifted a 1944-dated Willys MB from the Dixon Family of Eufaula, Alabama, in honor of their late Father, Mr. Robert M. Dixon. Mr. Dixon had lovingly restored this Willys MB to represent the same Jeep he drove while on occupation duty as a MP in Germany at the end of World War II. The Dixon family’s gracious donation to the NIA will allow this Jeep to be enjoyed by many throughout the greater Chattahoochee Valley region and will be used in our community outreach events for the Museum and the National Infantry Association.

    Some updates and repairs have been made over the past few months, but thanks to the mechanics at the Fort Benning MWR Auto Care center, she is back up & running.

    I’m still “learning” everything there is to know about the MB, so any input & advice is appreciated; and if you’re in the Columbus/Fort Benning area, keep any eye out for it!




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    Greetings Chris! A very nice Jeep. A lot more pictures are required. How about some history on the prior owner. The history that goes with these is as important as the Jeep itself.

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    Welcome Lewis505,

    Thank you for your service, and for the preservation of our history. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that may arise. We will be happy to answer or research anything that you may ask. I will for sure keep any eye out for the MB while traveling around Fort Benning.

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