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Thread: What is this part? A filter?

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    What is this part? A filter?

    First post here! I have a 1952 CJ-3A with a L head engine. I'm not sure if this small canister is a fuel filter or what. It has a line coming in from the fuel tank i assume, and a line going to the fuel pump. There is also a line coming from the fuel pump to the carb with an inline filter. The canister has a bunch of junk in it. If it is a filter can i just replace it with an inline filter?

    Also curious what the larger canister is for on top of the engine. Seems like it has a line going into the engine.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    Welcome Joseph,

    The large canister is your oil filter. There is a filter cartridge inside of the canister.

    The other is a an oddity. I don't ever recall seeing a filter like that, especially with three lines on it. Maybe one of the wiser then me guys can enlighten us all.

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