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Thread: Bell housing curiosity

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    Bell housing curiosity

    Happy thanksgiving to all... while I wait for the birds to cook I have a question, not critical to my build, I just am a curious fella... attached is a pic of my original bell housing, soon to be connected to the original backing plate, which has been installed on a different, totally rebuilt L134. The hole with no bolt in it is what I am curious about. The backing plate bypasses it and from looking at the original setup, that hole is just there. I cannot find any pics or info about it. Does it have a purpose? Is it a bell housing that also accommodates a different transmission/motor setup? Again, not critical, everything original, including starter, all lines up, good to go. I just like to know stuff.
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    Your suspensions are correct. It is a bell housing used on many different applications. The hole is not used.
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