I’ll be the first to admit that my maintenance skills/experience are somewhat limited, but trying to learn as I go; the engine on my 1944-Willys MB was running AOK - god rpms, smooth running engine - until last Saturday, when I felt a sligh sputter, which progressively got worse until I couldn’t get it started.

Took it into the Auto Skills Center here on Fort Benning & they recommended that I replace the battery & spark plugs - which I did - got it started again & it was running, but pretty rough - had it running again this morning for about a minute & engine conked out again

Here’s the work we’ve done on the Jeep since we received it last May

Replaced all 4 leaf springs & shocks
Pumped old fuel from fuel tank & only use non-ethanol fuel
Replaced carburetor w/ new Solex Carburetor
Replaced gas tank cap gasket
Replaced spark plugs and battery [6 Volt]

Any & all suggestions/help is welcome