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Thread: Newbie with a MB

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    On mine there were a few places on the bottom that were rusted from the outside that I used epoxy on and I cleaned it up and did that. I put some diesel in it and started propping it up to test different parts of the tank and as I got it more cleaned out on the inside, leaks started showing up that were rusted from the inside out. That put an end to it.

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    Lads thanks so much for everyone’s advice; were are going forward with cleaning out the fuel tank w/ the recommended techniques & “line” the inside of the tank; also have a source of another fuel tank that has been sitting in a warehouse for about ten years & will work with that one as well

    Appreciate everyone on the forum - even the “Navy Guy!” LOL - will keep you all posted

    Happy New Year!


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    Thank you for the update. We look forward to being a part of your progress.

    Hopefully 2021 will be a better year, and we can all get back to normal. I know I would like to make the trip over to Fort Benning to see your war horse in action.

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    Make sure to keep us posted with the progress of this build, I hope that everything will go well on your end.

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