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Thread: 1960 Willys pickup project

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    Thanks! You guys might be correct about the air cleaner brackets as it didn’t originally have one. Some one gave me parts and a air cleaner was one of them. It has been sitting a few a years. Problem is it might be for a four cylinder. At the moment I am working on the Dana 53 searching for axle bearing shims

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    X, Did you try here?

    You can try to use model 44 shims. The Dana 53 is a unique Model 44 differential with unique model 53 wheel ends and axle shafts. In the center its a model 44 at heart.
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    Thanks! I did some digging and found the old ones. Going to see if they will work

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    The bracket on the left I found itís home! It is the support that goes on the inside of the cab that supports the outer bolts of the battery tray. Drivers side battery.

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    Makes sense. Ours had the battery removed from the firewall, when the Chevy small block was installed back in the '70s.

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