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Thread: Mystery Hood Hinge Attachment Bracket

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    Mystery Hood Hinge Attachment Bracket

    Restoring/modifying a 1966 CJ6 (my first car). There is a bracket attached to the firewall under the cowl (photos attached). The left-side hood hinge is bolted to this bracket. For some reason there is only a left-side bracket. The right side hood hinge is bolted directly to the cowl. I've talked with Rob at Willys Works in Tucson and he checked around a little but no one seems to know why there is a heavy duty bracket on the left but not the right. According to Rob the bracket is not present on AMC Jeeps. The bracket does not appear in Rob's Kaiser parts book.

    Does anyone know anything about this bracket? Why is there only a left-side bracket? Because of horrendous rust, the tub has been replaced. Should this bracket be transferred to the new tub?

    Thanks for your help!
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