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    New Member with 1950 CJ3A

    Hello Willys folk,
    I am a life-long Willys fan, who had been without a Willys for 15yrs. My first 'car' was a '63 Willys wagon, which i adventured in a 7,000mi loop around the nation, back in 1984. Later, during college I had a '51 pickup that I rebuilt with the help of a '56 parts wagon (only bought cuz it had an overdrive) - I even put a little cedar house on the back of that pickup. Later still, I got a '51 CJ3A (always my favorite model), but i never could get that running right, and with 2 kids, a demanding wife (who dislikes Jeeps), a full-time job, and a farm to run...well, just not enuf time or money. So, alas, it got sold.

    Five years ago, I decided by gawd time for another one! I still needed to get that long-sought-after 'little kid thrill' of cruising around in a old jeep thru the Montana prairies and mountains where i live. After 2yrs of looking, I got a good 'Craigslist' deal on this 1950 CJ3A w/ snowplow ($1500 plus freight). Well, am thrilled to say after 3yrs of sitting it is finally up and running...pretty well anyways. The poor beast had set out in a Laramie, Wyo cow pasture for ~20yrs, and the tub was about 1/4 full of cowcrap. The wiring was eaten or rotten. A few other issues as you might imagine.

    It (she?) has a later model F-Head, so yes there's a hood-bump. I cut that down to be as small as possible. Motor purrs. Converted to 12V and electric fuel pump. Otherwise pretty much original. Harrison heater. I love the original un-restored look, and strive for that in all my old rigs. I am looking for a half-cab and bed extender.

    I still have yet to plow snow with 'er. A few more things to work out: THE ISSUE right now is poor power. When i get it up to speed, it starts to die or sputter. It will barely handle 3rd gear, or any hill. Perhaps some junk in the needle-valve, loose/plugged vacuum advance, tune-up needed, timing needed? Advice? As I have no heated shop, so I can only work on it when above 25deg...which ain't often these days.

    Lastly, I am open to naming suggestions!

    Cheers, Steve in the Blackfoot Valley
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