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Thread: Fuel pump problem

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    Fuel pump problem

    Gentlemen, does anything at all come easy when putting one of these things together? The 2 pictures attached show the old fuel pump with 2 easy in and out connections. The second shows what I bought with the in and out facing the front and back of the motor. This puts the inlet right up against the engine plate and oil line. Iím told they all come that way. This canít be, right? Anyone else run into this?
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    Well, a little egg on my face here. Should have paid more attention to the video I just watched for the third time. Just realized that the 90 degree fitting sits in a little groove in the engine plate and the fuel line is in roughly the same plane as the engine plate itself.

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    It is tight there at the front but there should be room.
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    If that is the most egg you get, you are a lot cleaner than most of us. And NO! - nothing goes easy.... there is always just one dern thing that gets in the way, drops in your eye of skins your knuckles.

    Welcome to the club.

    (Try plumbing in a 4-line pump with the vacuum booster@#$**^%)

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