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Thread: Air Filter Replacement

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    Air Filter Replacement

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 1960 CJ5 that Iím trying to get mechanically sound before putting it on the road. Does anyone have a suggestion for an air filter replacement? I donít mind keeping the oil bath housing if thereís a paper element that can be used with it. I just donít want to deal with the mess of oil spilling everywhere when I go to change it.

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    You might compare it to the K&N line. They sell a lot of different sizes and styles.
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    Bmorgil converted his oil bath filter housing to accept a paper element to where it looks factory, but has the replaceable paper element for cheap. He posted it in the tech library with some good pictures of the process. There are several videos on the you tube that show how it is done as well.

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    Mine got grinded a bit to fit any old easy to replace filter. Looks same from outside - just sliced interior metal casing to fit width of curricular top, for the seal tight top and bottom as you tighten the wing nut. Otherwise it would breath around the filter.

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