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Thread: New member from Maryland...soon

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    "I have no idea how to replace a tailpipe, but look forward to learning.

    Well, you look at the places it's bolted to the next piece, spray the bolt and nut with penetrating oil, wait a day or two then start wrenching.

    When you round off all the corners, cut the son-of-a-gun off.

    As Ira taught us; "Just one bolt at a time - one after another".

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    Tail pipes are not that bad. As LarrBeard said, good penetrating oil prior to disassembly will help, but use of a heat will bring you even more help. A plumbers torch, ( propane or MAP gas hand held torch) will supply enough heat to warm up the nut to get everything moving. Warm up the nut, then spray with the penetrating oil while hot. It will stink, but the oil will seep better into the threads. After a few cycles, then attempt to loosen the hardware. As far as having the pipe replaced, I would pay a visit to one of your local muffler shops to see what they would charge to bend you up a pipe and install your flanges to the pipe.

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    Thanks for the great tips!

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    Looking forward to your build progress. Enjoy

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