It's been one of those Midwest winters that drive you nuts. Not really enough snow to make it wintery and pretty, just muddy and UGLY. It looks like you could get out and do things until you try, and then you decide it really wasn't that great an idea.

BOREDOM! COVID ISOLATION! CABIN FEVER! I've cleaned all the guns, twice. What next?

I guess it's time to start planning the Jeep schedule for next summer. I hope we have lots of shows.

I still have two upgrades I want to do on the truck. I've tried to keep it as near stock as I can, but sometimes you really need to do an upgrade for safety's sake. In 1948, on 35 MPH roads, dim 6-volt headlights were all that anyone had, but today when I'm on the way home from a show at dusk, I feel under-lighted. I have considered adding a 6-volt to 12-volt headlight converter for some time, but this winter I decided to take the 12-volt headlight upgrade to a different level, let's go LED like the new Jeeps!

I plan to use Grote 7 Sealed Beam lights. I want to see what's waiting to jump out in front of me on the road, we're in deer country here and I've had two close calls in the truck! I can stuff a 10-amp converter up under the dash. It is a one wire swap on the light switch (and a change out of the high beam bulb) and probably something else I've missed somewhere.


I'll probably also change the wipers to 6-volt electric wipers. The old vacuum wipers, even with a beer-keg vacuum reservoir just don't cut it in a summer downpour. I want to see what's in front of me - I'm a lot more cautious than I was back when I drove the truck every day!

Then there's that drippy pinion seal ... but I want to get out and show off, SHOW TIME!