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Thread: Cj3a ignition switch

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    Cj3a ignition switch

    Hey folks... got an easy question I think... is there a correct ignition switch for the 3a? There are several out there that say they fit and some universal ones. Iíve learned so far that it is in a different location than the 2a and that it is an on/off switch only that goes with the foot actuated push rod starter, (the original one, converted to 12 volts).
    Donít know if any of that matters.

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    Hey Tom, You are correct on all counts. The 3A was originally a foot start pedal with an on off switch. The switch goes near the driver not way over on the dash by the passenger like the 2A. The difference is the 2A had the coil and ignition switch over by the passenger. Most of the 3A repro Tubs have the switch in the wrong spot. Just before the 3B was introduced SOME 3A's were built with a solenoid starter and a switch that was off, on, start. The switches you will find now typically have the "Start" position but don't use it. The switch from KW is identical to the original 3A with the start position. You just don't use the start position if you have the foot pedal. The switch looks the same. I hope this helps.

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    Helps immensely! Thank You.

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    By the way, I think that oddball way of starting my Jeep the coolest thing. There was no way I was changing that. Can’t wait to try it.

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    I used a magneto switch I got from NAPA for a boat in my 3A. I will have to check switch location on my repli-tub. I wouldnít have noticed a change in key location if it is wrong because my 3A currently has a 2A tub.
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