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    If you want a wind screen and the bar, you could set it up like you were going all the way with a competition vehicle. A nice custom Lexan screen mounted right to the bar in a fabricated frame, would make it look like it was ready to compete.

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    Thanks for those links for sure. I am taking a look at them to see what I can do. I really like the idea of mounting that straight to the bar in order to keep from modifying the tub anymore than I have to.

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    Jeeps are a lot like cats. They end up naming themselves after you've had them a while.

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    Cool idea to build from what you have instead of reading down. That's a unique specimen, at least what I've seen

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    Welcome to the community, make sure that you keep us posted with this build.

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    Definitley going to go with some sort of fixed windshield do to the fact that I want to drive this rig fairly often. I did start a thread over on the build site for those who care to follow along. Look forward to telling you all about it.

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