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Thread: New tub inconsistencies

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    And AJ jumps in and nails the "tweaking"! Right out of the box, its a home run!

    I was ready to see anything after all the research I did prior to dumping the cash. I heard and saw all the horrors, I am sure you also saw on the WWW. I do know that the early stuff had all the badness. Thin metal, way off location stuff, wrong stuff and just plain wrong. After watching the changes made by M.D. Juan on their project vehicle, they pretty much had most of it "banged out". It just is important to get newer inventory from a reputable place that will take it back without a law suit.

    I really think a lot of guys don't realize these Juan bodies are made by hand. Old school English wheels, brakes and spot welders. To top it off, with no frame attached they move all over. Until you start to work it down with some long fasteners and large fender washers, pry bars (port-o-power if you have one) and hence, back into shape, they don't just fall on. After I bolted it together on the trial run it fit much better the next time. However it still moves around when you cut it loose from the frame and pick it up. It is not a structural uni-body. It needs a frame for sure.
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