I suppose I will start here. Some pictures from the day I picked him up are over on the introduction but I figured I would start this thread here as I begin to tear down and rebuild.

So I got the front hubs, drums, and backings off this morning. It really seems like the axle and bearings are in great shape. It has some Selectro manual locking hubs that were installed and after some research I believe that was a good upgrade. I knew going in that there was going to need some brake work done so that was the reason to start with the front axles. I am going to convert to disc up there and it appears that Brennan's setup may be the best fit. I have already ordered most of the parts and am waiting for those and a good day for the install. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the lines seem to be intact without leaks. However, there was very little pressure even though there was some movement on the shoes when the pedal was pressed to the floorboard. I have read and heard that using the original single reservoir master cylinder is probably not the best idea with discs especially. Does anyone have any input on whether they have had experience with that? I would really like to test out the conversion with the single before I upgrade to dual and start changing too many more things.