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Thread: 1946 CJ-2A Slightly Above Stock

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    That sounds great GM. I will definitely look into being there.

    I got the new electric pump in however, there is always another catch. In the time that I was waiting on the part, I decided to do a little more tinkering on my setup. I kept the pump hooked up to the tank and manually pumped some fuel through the thing. Wouldn't you know, it started pumping. So I replaced some line and the connector on the outlet side of the old pump and away it went. I have plenty of pressure and fuel. The old guy is running like a top and really even the cold doesn't seem to bother it much. So I am going to keep the new electric pump on the shelf for now and run it as is.

    I have a clutch issue to work on now, but other than that things are looking good for now.

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    Good news there Joey! I prefer the mechanical pump on them.

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    Good to hear that you are up and running again.

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