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Thread: Hi from Texas

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    Cool Hi from Texas

    Hi... new member from Texas here to the forum. Getting back to the older jeeps again and glad to see a good website with lots of help and ideas.

    I'm starting my look for a cj2a or cj3... have had lots of cj5 off and on... but wanting a flattie again. Funny i go back in time instead of looking for the newer models...

    Wish me luck on my search for my new flattie! Thanks

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    Welcome 1MtnJeep!,

    As a proud 2A owner, I know where you are coming from wanting a flattie. As a piece of advice, I would check out for Jeeps for sale and other information on original accessories. This forum is my first stop of the day, but eWillys is my second.

    We wish you the best of luck in your search!

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    Help and Ideas

    " ... good help and ideas..."

    Well we always have an idea or two and the help will be worth everything you pay for it!

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    There should be some nice candidates in Texas! Keep us posted.

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    Welcome from Texas as well. To be honest I was looking through all the years and when my '46 popped up a couple months ago my mind was set. Couldn't be happier and I have just begun. Good luck on the search and these guys are exactly right about the help and ideas.

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