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Thread: Early 1950 48/49 Body Style Jeepster

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    Truly a story for the ages. Anyone who has had to crawl through a barnyard, hedgerow, or salvage yard to obtain the one coveted part you need will probably enjoy this tale.

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    Something about LarrBeard being a stinky old goat?

    Anyway dgn, It looks like the truck's and the Jeepsters might have shared a lot of parts. This forum has some Jeepster guy's on it also. There is a few good finds when you google "Willys Jeepster". If you search this forum for Jeepster, we have a few members with some info. There are some cool stories out there about those on the internet. A unique vehicle to say the least.
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    Stinky Old Goat, eh?

    [QUOTE=bmorgil;15660]Something about LarrBeard being a stinky old goat? "

    I represent that remark.

    I am not stinky. Well, unless I've been in a shooting coat on a hot day or I've been under the truck for a morning.

    I am not old. 76 isn't old -except when the arthritic hip flares up...

    But I do have a couple of Grandkids who say I am the Greatest GrandPa Of All Time.

    OK - maybe I am a stinky Old GOAT.

    I'll tell the story in a day or so.

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    Your timing is better than the timing chain on Hams 48. We'll wait.

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