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Thread: Autolite IGW 4189 Issue

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    Autolite IGW 4189 Issue

    Guys: I started having intermittent and week spark with my 1949 Willys Jeepster with the Autolite IGW 4189 distributor. At first I thought it was the points, so I began a major tune-up, this Jeepster has been in a shop for 40 years. When changing the points, I noticed that the fiber insulator behind the point strip (insulating the point strip from the inside of the distributor body) crumbled as I reinserted the points and upon further investigation, I noticed that the fiber or rubber grommet insulating the point/condenser/coil wire stud was also coming apart. With my volt meter I now have 6 volts at the stud, but less than 1 volt at the points contact point with the points open. I think I can replace these parts easily, but I cannot find a source for the parts. Does any one have a parts source for the Autolite distributors or know of another fix? Thanks.

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    dgn, try here for some of the hard to find parts. I was able to buy a few used distributors and make a good one out of a couple. The advance plate and pins wear on these badly. It will cause the advance mechanism to act erratic if it works at all. Some commonality occurs between all the distributors used in a L and F 134. The parts will swap around but the actual location of number one may move around depending on the combination of parts. I was able to find fiber washers and small parts at the local auto parts store that fit other distributors.

    One thing I did do is the Pertronix electronic conversion. This is a stealth way to jump into the modern world of never having to touch the points again. I do love the nostalgia of points but the ability to switch it over to electronic ignition, with a stock appearing system was too hard to resist. It is easy to swap the breaker plate back and forth if you wish to go back to points. The conversion will fix a worn out breaker cam.

    This link is to the forum tech section. https://willysjeepforum.kaiserwillys...-Parts-Catalog This is the 1937 to 1948 Autolite Distributor parts catalog. It is a huge file and takes a bit to download.
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    Thanks for the information. I found the parts I need at
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    I received the parts today and installed them. Now I have strong and consistent spark.

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    Great to hear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgoodenow View Post
    I received the parts today and installed them. Now I have strong and consistent spark.
    I love it when a plan comes together.....

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    Great news!

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