Greeting all's and excited joining this forum. I've been reading a great deals of threads and learning a lot. My wife found a 1954 Jeep willy CJ3B and we purchased it. It was in good condition but the engine was okay. I'm in the processing of taking it apart so I can do my best to replicate a military jeep which I drove in my military service. I went from Jeep to Humvee but I loved driving and riding the Jeep. I'm just doing the exterior by painting it drab green and other cosmetic items but would like to get a dependable engine to drive around on our county roads. I've read about the change from the F134 engine to a Buick V6 engine. Is there a reference to change engines or sites helpful for a engine transfer for my Jeep?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 Overview front side view.jpg