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Thread: Our Nation's newest Medal of Honor Recipient - COL(R) Ralph Puckett

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    Our Nation's newest Medal of Honor Recipient - COL(R) Ralph Puckett

    For quite some time I've been posting on another thread about fixing up / troubleshooting the 1944 Willys MB that I help maintain for the National Infantry Association here at Fort Benning - really appreciate everyone's input & advice and wanted to share something pretty cool about our Willys.

    Here's a photo of the newest Medal of Honor recipient, COL(R) Ralph Puckett, as he stands next to the National Infantry Association's 1944-dated Willys MB Jeep, just prior to the start of the the Foot March event for the 2021 Best Ranger Competition here at Fort Benning on Friday 16 April 2021; was honored to of been COL(R) Puckett's Driver for the day, alongside my "Ranger Buddy," COL(R) Rob Choppa - President of the National Infantry Association.


    IMG_4392 (2).jpg

    IMG_4402 (2).jpg

    Big thanks to Mike at Kaiser Willys for assisting in getting the parts needed to have the Jeep ready for this event as well!


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    Thank you for sharing the event with us.

    "South Korean President Moon Jae-in attended the {Medal of Honor} ceremony, the first time a foreign leader has attended such an event. He lauded Puckett and said he and other American soldiers helped ensure his nation's freedom and democracy.

    "Col. Puckett is a true hero of the Korean War. With extraordinary valor and leadership, he completed missions until the very end, defending Hill 205 and fighting many more battles requiring equal valiance," Moon said. "Without the sacrifice of veterans including Col. Puckett and the Eighth Army Rangers Company, the freedom and democracy we enjoy today couldn't have blossomed in Korea."
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    Wow just a cool thing all together here!

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    Col. Puckett is a true national treasure. He is a leader of the highest order. Leading his men on hill 205, then leaving cover to draw enemy fire to show their positions. After being wounded himself, he ordered his men to leave him behind to cover their withdrawal. His men refused the orders and brought him back to where he could receive medical treatment.

    Lewis 505, you and your team did a first class job at getting the MB ready for Col. Puckett to ride upon.

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