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Thread: Rough Country 2.5" Lift Advice

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    Rough Country 2.5" Lift Advice

    Hey guys,

    So, I'm looking into a new suspension for my '55 CJ5 restoration project, since my original leaf springs were rusted and broken and my shocks have been blown since probably 1972. I have heard good reviews of Rough Country from friends, so I was looking into their CJ5 suspension with a 2.5" lift. My question is whether or not this will fit on my jeep. I have pivot bolts on one side of my leaf springs and the greasable shackles on the other side. One person I spoke with seemed to think that the greasable shackles might not work with this kit and that I would need new brackets welded on so that non-greasable shackles could be used instead. Will there be any issue with the new kit bolting in? I am trying not to do any frame modification for the suspension if I can help it. I would love some advice from anyone who has done this before or knows more than I do about suspension upgrades for these old jeeps!

    Here is the kit I am looking at:


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    I would definitely bump that question off of the Rough Country Tech Service line. You can call them, txt, chat or email.

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    The springs you have pictured should be a direct replacement to your stock set up. I do agree with Bmorgil in calling up the service line to make double sure that you will not have any surprises though. I would invest in new rear pivot bolts and the front shackles because it is often the case that these items are rarely greased and are worn. Often times, especially if you live in the rust belt, you would need the assistance of a torch to warm up the original shackle retainers to get them to remove them. It is much easier to go back with new components, then fight with trying to salvage the worn out originals.

    I would suggest the later heavy duty greaseable front shackles that are supported on both sides for less spring deflection side to side;

    Or you can use the original style front shackles if you would like to keep the original look of the "C" style shackle.

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