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Thread: 5JeepsAz and the Jeep Gladiator Cindy

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    5JeepsAz and the Jeep Gladiator Cindy

    Because of the "Metal" that bluesblooded posses, "he refused to leave a thread behind". Stay tuned I will try bringing her back from the void. She's hurt a little, missing her long term memory, but I do remember some of the things 5JeepsAz was involved with.

    Things Az has pondered:

    A fence can grab your truck with little respect for those watching.
    If it takes a technique that requires manipulation of all the pedals and levers, in traffic while trying to stop, to keep it running, the engine isn't right.
    Jeeps leak.
    Why cant I just throw on power brakes, air conditioning and things that suck fuel, without a "Beer Keg" and a throttle assist.
    What is an RPM really?
    I thought the choke was there for mosquitos and polishing the rings and cylinder walls.
    Why do we need oil? (my personal favorite)

    Of course there's more, they will come to me. Az is fundamentally a bad boy.
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