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Thread: New kid in town

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    New kid in town

    Building a F134 Hurricane from scratch. Mostly NOS parts. Studied all the Army/Air Force and Willy’s manuals.
    One question; how much tension is required to turn my crankshaft once I torque the bolts.

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    Welcome Jeff! It should turn smooth once it breaks loose and the rings should drag smoothly. I think any good engine builder will tell you they are all a little different when you first put them together. Here is a way to get a "feel" for it.

    With a rope seal the crankshaft should turn freely with about 10 to 15 ft lbs of rotating torque once it breaks loose. With a rubber seal it should spin fairly free, you should be able to spin it by hand. As you add pistons and rings, each assembly should add about 5 ft lbs of rotating torque. If it goes much over that you should take a look. A bearing may be in wrong or there may be interference somewhere.
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    Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to your build thread

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