Not new to jeeps but new to this forum...been enjoying CJ5's since the 60's and finally purchased mine new in 70. Such a great vehicle...just like so many new vehicles are purchased, just went to the local dealer to have a look and they had a nice new one just sitting there that was ordered but not picked up. For a good deal, we bought it and as soon as I left the dealership and shifted into second, I knew I had a great vehicle. Of course I knew of the dauntless V6 but was surprised at the 4.88 gearing I discovered when I looked at the tag on the rear dif. In that first week I purchased a warn overdrive and slapped it on the back of the transfer case (last year one could do this as most of you know). Being an engineer I also immediately did a plot of all my gearing (RPM vs speed) from 1st low to 3rd high and was equally surprised there was no "overlap" in the gears...fantastic!! I have enjoyed this jeep shifting thru the gears using the OD, all its life as I have always loved close ratio transmissions. Long story shortened, this wonderful jeep has stayed with me through 3 marriages, been in Israel with me for a year in 1978 to remote Red Sea diving spots, never subjected to any adverse weather conditions so body and mechanics are solid regarding rust n such.

yawl take care, look forward to sharing...