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Thread: Ham's 48: Keeping Our Cool

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    Keeping Our Cool - Revisited

    In the last post on this I made the comment: "Now I just need to change out that dripping, pizzling cheap plastic radiator drain plug with a real brass petcock – there is always just one more thing on an old Jeep!"

    Well, it turns out the real brass petcocks have English threads on them and the replacement radiator for the truck has a 12mm metric thread for the drain plug. Who'd of thunk it?

    Anyway, I found a different plastic drain plug that doesn't pizzle in every direction as you take out, but you can't do a partial drain like you could do if there was a petcock there.

    Sometimes we settle for good enough and move on to the next project. Harupmh!

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    Thank you for creating an update and for sharing tips on how to do it.

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    Larry here is a plastic one with an outlet.

    Or you could use an oil pan drain. There are a few people making these.

    Be aware there is a 12mm x 1.25 which is probably what you have or, there is a 12mm by 1.75.

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