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Thread: New Member - 1941 Willys slate grill

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    New Member - 1941 Willys slate grill

    Good morning all. I am an new member to this forum. I just started the restoration of a 1941 Willy's slate grill that was given to me in 2002, sand blasted and primed in 2006 and stored until last year. I began the restoration effort in the Fall of 2019 upon my retirement. I am only into the engine and front axil currently, but look forward to the great advice to be gained from this group.
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    Welcome LT! Saw your other post. Enjoy that 41', a real piece of history there.
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    Welcome! That is going to be a beauty.

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    Welcome LT Jack,

    Thank you for your service. A '41 slat grill is a rare example for sure! Towing it with another veteran is fitting! We can't wait to see your progress.
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    That looks like a fun project!

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