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Thread: Pick-up Driveshaft Compatibility

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    Pick-up Driveshaft Compatibility

    My first post, a question . I have a great survivor 1962 utility pick-up. I need front and rear driveshafts. Prefer originals, even with patina. Are all truck series driveshafts the same? Length? Diameter? Yokes? Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BKRutherford View Post
    Are all truck series driveshafts the same? Length? Diameter? Yokes? Thanks in advance.
    No they are not all the same by truck series. That said the front driveshaft for the "1/2 ton" trucks and station wagons are the same. The rears varied by type, length and quantity. If you mean the "Series" of driveshaft, if it is a Spicer design "cross and bearing", then they are all 1310 series.

    You should be able to find original driveshafts and any good drive line shop can rebuild them for you. The components that made the original driveshafts are still available and original driveshafts can still be made. As long as we are talking about the "1/2 ton" type trucks the yokes and driveshafts will be one of two types in the rear. Either a Detroit style requiring special yokes and CV style joints or the standard Spicer style yokes and U-Joints.
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    Welcome! Hope you can share some photos of that truck.

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    Many thanks!

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    Care to share a photo of your classic truck? You can check these 30 inches rims and tires in case you need a replacement for your ride.

    Good luck modifying this jeep and welcome aboard!
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