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Thread: Transfer case disassembly

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    Nevermind, I got frustrated enough to get the acetylene torch after it and make it glow. At that point it moved a quarter of an inch with a little prying. I was using a can of electronics dust remover trying keep the shaft cool. Made it glow again and got another sixteenth which was enough to catch it with a bearing separator and pull it the rest of the way. I had to use the press to get the rear bearing cup and the separator to get that bearing too. Used my big slide hammer to get the front bearing cup. Next up is the clip but I don’t have a proper snap ring tool for one that style and size so it looks like I get to go tool shopping. Fortunately, I know where the $nap-on truck will be about 10 tomorrow morning.
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    Yes Sir
    That one tiny little snap ring is a bit of a chore to get out, makes you think somebody must of lost some sleep when they thought of how to build those Dana 18’s

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    My Dad worked for the railroad and everything was BIG - half-inch bolts were little bolts. He called an acetylene torch a Hot Hammer.

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    Gas Axe is my favorite term.

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    "Hot Hammer" and "Gas Axe" I am definitely filing those in the keeper box! Hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TJones View Post
    Hereís a Great Series of videos on YouTube to reassembly on the Dana 18 Jeff
    Good channel. My uncle got this incoming CJ3 project after we finished installing the suspension and fender flares onto the Silverado and clear the garage. We'll check every video there.

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