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Thread: 1960 Jeep Wagon in Texas

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    1960 Jeep Wagon in Texas

    Not sure if there is a way to post in the albums or just do it here. I have been taking photo's along the way when I remember and loading them up to my album when I remember.... added a few more today. Finally got out the two bolts that broke off at the thermostat housing.....going back with grade 8 after reading a couple postings. Thanks. Also posted a couple photos on the tack strip removal, and one of the passenger door with side panel removed. All side panels are now removed, seats and frames removed, wood slats removed. Using Ospho to treat some rusty areas in the cargo floor and cab. Replaced master cylinder, brake lines, and replacing wheel cylinders next. Have not decided on Dot 3 or to use the Dot 5 synthetic yet. Sounds like the Dot 5 might be the way to go since it is a new system, but Dot 3 would probably be fine for my needs. I will try to keep posting as I go. Thanks!

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    Pictures are much appreciated! It sounds like you are well on your way now.

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    Well done on the broken bolt removal. Your pictures are great as well!

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    Love the pics!

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