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Thread: Questions About Willys 1943

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    Questions About Willys 1943

    Hello, my name is Peter. I have been working on restoring WW2 Jeeps for 30+ years now, but there's usually something that can surprise me in these WW2 vehicles.
    I am currently restoring a 1943 Willys. I found 2 original holes (factory installed) on my Willyís body, one at the rear and one on the driverís side. Thereís a shield over the hole on the driverís side, but thereís no opening for the handle. Does anyone know what the purpose of these holes were?
    Also, pictured are 2 brackets on the glove compartment. What did they serve?

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    Welcome Peter Latallo,

    Those are some interesting factory holes. I have not seen that configuration before myself, but I have never had an MB in the inventory. My best guess would be for commo set, but usually that is contained on the passenger side. I'll check a few other sources to see if the answer is out there.

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