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Thread: hello from arkansas mountains

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    ozark mountains

    hello from arkansas mountains

    Another old retired guy, ex army, ex senior VP from Kodak.
    I mostly work on and with heavy equipment on 300 acres south of town. Building a hunting and fishing mecca. (hopefully)

    I currently own a 1965 CJ5 military tribute. Way too much fun and I love the waves and salutes. Usually put the general (not too original a name I know) in the local parades.
    I will attempt to post a picture of it.

    I just purchased a 1964 tuxedo park mark IV, literally from a barn. I am going to go pick it up tomorrow, Monday. Excited.
    As soon as I reassemble my son's 1982 El Camino and get it out of the shop, (only room for one at a time), I will get started on the new lady.
    I will post pictures as soon as I get her home.
    She is white and in pretty good shape overall. Looking forward to driving it around.

    As I am not a big gearhead I will be looking for lots of help here. Advice on the end result of this one as well. Have not decided on a frame off or just fixer upper.

    I spend most of my free time driving the 2015 Case 750 around knocking down trees, or the case 2016 super N digging ponds for the deer and bear. In the fall I am hunting the Bears with my bow. Wife thinks I am crazy for poking bears with a sharp stick, but she just says make sure the life insurance is paid up and go have fun"

    Special shout out to anyone who got their "hogs tooth" from Benning in the early 80's.

    More later folks.
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    Just returned from a Buffalo River canoe trip. What a time we had! Good luck with the Tuxedo.

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    Welcome i! Looking forward to the Tux build! Does it have a name?

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    Welcome ozarksbill! I am looking forward to all your adventures! Love the car and equipment collection. I fully understand the draw! Sounds like you are designing a little piece of heaven down there.

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    Pin Oak Farms, Texas
    Howdy from Pin Oak Farms!

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    Welcome Ozarksbill!

    Thank you for your service.

    We will be awaiting the photos of your next Tuxedo project, and will be extremely happy to help where needed. With Tjones being our resident heavy equipment hustler, and my background in fixing heavy equipment, we would love to see some photos of your dirt works project as well. We like to be well rounded around here, and pushing trees is just plain fun.
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    Welcome ozarksbill and like gm said Thank You for your service!
    Yes I would love to see your iron as well as your projects.
    I’ve been on a selling spree for the last few months trying to get rid of all my iron after 20 some years of beating my head against the wall with city contracts, job deadlines and more importantly employees who want to start at the top of the totem pole pay wise, if you can even find people who want to work. I always ask them “if you start at the top where you going from there”?
    Enough belly aching
    Please post some pictures of ALL your toys!!!!

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