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Thread: Finally a member here!

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    My first thought was that when I saw them. The "tinning" step of prepping the wire is left out there. If things anent shiny clean.... There was a lot of rosin in the solder we used to use. It did a nice wash job.

    What is eutectic solder Larry? I take it it has similar properties to tin lead combinations.

    We drifted into soldering on VTWilly's Introduction thread. Anything is possible here.

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    I often seal regular crimps in wet areas with a dab of silicone after the wires are crimped in place. It’s not always the most attractive option but it works very well. I just replaced the taillights on my boat trailer. I replaced the cheap snap on connectors with aviation style crimps and siliconed the ends to keep the water out. I have no doubt those connections will outlast me.
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