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Thread: Tornado 230 OHC she's milky pls help diagnosing

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    1) clean up and install replacement head.
    2) refurb donor transmission and install. I like the direct drive in 3rd Gear, so will solve speed with larger belted tires if needed. Want to see how the floor shift works out.
    3) we're gonna hotrod us a Tornado 230OHC! Will need lots of helpwith the extra engine bought for the purpose. Keeping it retro, so no Tech. I think bmorgils wrote this article just for my benefit, or could have.

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    This is the fun part AZ! Hot rodding is was the life blood of American Automotive ingenuity. Because of hot rodder's, we have the vehicles we have today. I didn't write the article to say the least, however I know you get the point!
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