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Thread: Gizzard's M38A1 Restoration

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    These are good places to get into the Military specific stuff.

    Here's a good look at the pump.

    This is a great Military Jeep Forum.

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    Check Out Generator and Starter

    Checking out the starter is not hard.

    The terminal stud on top is power and if you put 24-volts to it, it should spin up. Now, how old and gummy is all of the lube in it and if it is used, how worn are the brushes? Is the commutator scored or burned? Does the Bendix need geased up?

    You can take it apart yourself and look, or try to find a good auto electric shop. One with a couple of really old guys would be great - they don't mind taking thngs apart.

    The generator isn't that complicated, two wires for the Armature connection, one wire for Field and the case is ground. Getting into the connector is the hardest part and I don't like to "go-fish" in sockets when I have to deal with that much current, (It is a 25-amp generator by the way). I would recommend buying a mating connector and use it to check out the unit.

    The mating connector is an MS3106A22-2P. Here is a source for it - not cheap, but cheaper than blowing out a socket on the generator plug if something slips.

    A quick check of the generator is to spin it with an electric motor and "full field" it - lots of descriptions around on how to do that.

    Good luck - and I like the chicken

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