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    47 cj-2a

    I now have my JEEP reduced to it's smallest part. Next is to repair the front of the frame where some oak tree blacksmith added about 50 pounds if excess iron. Also I have learned that an 8 penny nail will suffice for nearly any size cotter pin. It all is testimony to the hardiness of these marvelous vehicles.

    I will attempt to attach a few pictures to show where it all started and where it is now.

    Well, that did not work but will keep trying.

    Don Wilson
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    I know exactly where you are coming from in the regards to the scrap iron glued to the front frame horns. Our '46 had a chunk of schedule 40 pipe globed on two sets of scrap pile refugee, mixed matched pieces that made up the scabs to the front frame horns. The Heep was an old plow truck, so the frame was bent up or rusted all the way back past the front crossmember under the radiator. The cross member had to be stubbed on both sides as well, (just welding in new ends, keeping the center section for the bell crank mount in tact.
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    Wow Don she looks like its all there! I love that top.

    gm, where do you think that one came from? It is always interesting to see the different tops that appear on these.

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    Well, that is certainly a different top.

    No offense, but that poor thang with that top makes an FC-150 look good.

    BUT- it kept out the snow and most of the rain - which was the purpose.

    It's in a much better home now...

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    Top reminds me of those old farm tractors for under tree rows. The forward facing wing right side looks functional, like running against a row hedge or something straight line. The rounded top says roll off me onto the ground for picking up. Or alternatively, that wing on the right side looks like, an extend-o wing for forming the snow berm when it get too high.. tho jeep is little for pushing that much snow. I'm guessing it worked oranges or grapes or such like.

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