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Thread: Looking for a fuel pump block off plate

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    gm,I can tell by that disertation you have been deeply affected and effected by Bubba!

    This is the best definition of "Bubba" I have heard yet. "Bubba engineering: Constantly doing the right things wrong." gmwillys 2021

    The part of that story that is not told is when you run into Bubba and you try to "help" him..... Learning usually isn't in the vocabulary.

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    The most frustrating experience I've ever had with a Bubba was "helping" a neighbor with his '70 Olds 442 W-30. Dumb people should not be allowed to have nice cars. Long story short, he was a body guy, and not a mechanic. He tore the car down to the frame and did a complete color change from red to black. The body and paint was better than great, and was completed while the engine was out to a local drag racer for a refresh. When the engine returned, and I arrived to install, the front clip and hood were reinstalled, and the gaps all set. He refused to at least pull the hood. After arguing about it for an hour, it was discovered that a 455 and Muncie rock crusher will fit in without the removing the hood. The down side was that the hood insulation suffered a snag from bumping it with the cherry picker, and a small scratch was put into the passenger fender when the fender cover slipped. I also hate the fiberglass tooth that is attached to the hood. I hit the back of my head at least a hundred times while attempting to stand upright. The real bogus part of the whole build was the fact that the engine wasn't put together stock. The builder used single fire ring and wiper lightweight pistons. After a couple of hundred miles, she started consuming oil. Also, I won't go into the fact that he re-shaped the flywheel ring gear teeth by welding them up and smoothing them back down to a tooth shape..... To save $40.

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    Whole dern thread makes the Resto Rules list!

    21. Never heard the one about LarrBeard, gmwillys and bmorgil helping The Gizz do the shady tree pookey?? Look no further than rye-ch'ere: https://willysjeepforum.kaiserwillys...lock-off-plate

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