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Thread: Hello from the Mojave Desert of California

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    Hello from the Mojave Desert of California

    Hello all,

    New member here. Although I have done classic cars all my life, and off-roaded all my life, somehow or another I managed to never get bitten by the Jeep bug. I can't say that anymore. In the last few weeks I have ended up with a 46 and a 48 CJ2A, and a 57 CJ5. None of them are complete / ready to go, they are all projects, although the 46 and 57 can be driven as is. Or at least, the 57 can be after the brake master cylinder is rebuilt or replaced.

    The first one I am going to address is the 1957 CJ5. My wife thinks the round fenders are "cute" compared to the flat fenders (and more cramped seating) of the 46 and 48.

    So, this is purported to be a 1957 CJ5, and the serial number supports that. But there are some oddities on it (surprise surprise), I am not sure if this is a FrankenJeep or what. I just don't know enough about them yet.

    The hood is almost certainly an M38A1 hood, it has the shovel mounts under the hood. I think the frame may be military, not sure 100% how to tell but the spring shackles and pivots are a bit different from what is in the manual I have. But the tub does not have any M38A1 features, no power plug on the passenger side, no larger fuel pipe, and it does have a tail gate.

    However, there are some oddities under the body, for example in several places the wiring looks military. Also, above the tail lights are some cutouts that I can't explain.


    Notice the round blank off plates above the tail lights. And there is wiring going to those holes (but not connected to anything), wiring that looks like military tail light wires.

    Yes, there is some clearly seen rust, the vehicle has sat outside since 2008. But, it is all surface and superficial. The joys of the desert. The original color can be seen on the surface behind the drivers seat above, it was a forest green kind of color, I suspect Glenwood Green. However, at some time later it was painted purple and then the red that is currently on it. Also, the hood shows OD green on the underside.

    The wife is debating what color she wants this thing, but is leaning either towards OD green or the haze grey or blue of Navy jeeps. Whatever color she picks will be matt finish and there will be little / no body work done, the body is pretty straight with only a few dings, and she thinks those give it character.

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    Howdy from Pin Oak Farms in NE Texas! Keep the pics coming!

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    Welcome! Looking forward to watching these builds.

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    M38A1 007.jpg-Willys-M38A14 (6).jpg-Willys-M38A14 (1).jpg-Willys-M38A14 (5).jpgM38A1 Willys 2011 (1).jpgWelcome Token,

    The Jeep bug has taken hold of you hard....

    From the looks of the photo, you have a civilian CJ5 with an M38A1 hood. There are a few items that set an M38A1 frame apart from a CJ5 frame. Enclosed are some pictures of an A1 frame;

    Main differences:

    Machine gun mount on the crossmember in front of the rear axle.

    Right side frame rail in engine compartment has a mount welded in for the 24 volt voltage regulator, (last picture)

    Front frame horns have shackle mounts for transport tie downs.

    The third and forth picture are of the Marine Corp specific rear cross members with shackles placed on the outside edges for lifting the Jeep on and off of ships.

    We look forward to seeing more of your projects!

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